Fridays From the Frontline: Tackling the Info Session

Fridays From the Frontline is Clear Admit’s weekly summation of posts from the business school blogosphere. This week, current applicants attend MBA-related events, while current students discuss the insights theyve gained during business school.

In the applicant corner, Texaswannabecali broke down the myriad discussions that took place at a McCombs info session. She also went to another MBA event which she describes as “handshake, smile and nod on repeat.” On the other hand, Efessays, or Old Faithful as he is known in the business, offers a virtual lesson on the essay section of the GMAT.

Switching gears to current students, Heather Langerman, a student in the Healthcare Sector Management program at Fuqua, says that health does not just have to do with medical care, but is also linked with socioeconomic factors like income and education. Meanwhile, Shayak Mazumder explains that in business school you only get to choose two of the following three things: sleep, good grades, and a social life. Lastly, 

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Curriculum Doesn’t Matter, Unless You Care about Achievement and Mobility

Five years ago, Russ Whitehurst published an important paper comparing the effects of various education reforms. Better teachers and curriculum rose to the top, with what is taught being just as important as who is doing the teaching. But that finding didn’t fit with reformers’ obsession with teachers, so the paper was largely ignored. Two years ago, Whitehurst and Matthew Chingos did a more extensive look, confirming the previous findings and challenging states to begin gathering data on which materials are being used in schools.

Now, with pressure to interpret and meet the Common Core standards, curriculum, textbooks, and other instructional materials are finally getting wider attention. Much of that attention has been negative, as those who are against the standards seem to enjoy finding misinterpretations of the standards’ intent. I find that gotcha game silly; no one really expects initial stabs at Common Core–aligned materials to be terrific. Over time they will improve—and with support they will improve more quickly.

I’m thrilled to see growing interest in providing that support. The Helmsle

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When BYOT becomes BYOW

We’re now in the age of the smartwatch. Motorola launched its version very recently, and the Apple iWatch launches today. Bring Your Own Watch (BYOW) has been with us for ages, but the smartwatch introduces a new challenge to those schools which do not agree with the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) concept.

Not as Smart as it looks! Photo by DVS

It will be a while before lots of kids start coming to school wearing these devices, but I am quite sure that there will be a day when they are pretty ubiquitous. I may be wrong, of course: lots of youngsters don’t wear watches these days because they can get the time from their phones. But if their phones are banned in school, a watch seems a fairly good substitute.

If the iWatch looks like a space age device (we don’t know yet), it would be easy to identify and, therefore, confiscate. I’m not sure how a school would differentiate between different pupils’ watches, but if they’re determined enough I am sure they’ll find a way. Motorola’s version, the Moto, on the other hand, looks like an actual watch. Much harder to pick out from a normal watch. It could be don

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Second security guard raises concerns after Arapahoe High shooting

  • Aug 17:
  • Teen who fatally shot student wasn’t considered a high threat
  • Aug 16:
  • Clarity Commons keeps memory of Claire Davis alive
  • Aug 6:
  • Arapahoe shooting not included in state data on school violence
  • Jun 4:
  • Clarity Commons at Arapahoe High School will honor shooting victim Claire Davis
  • Feb 24:
  • Frustrated Arapahoe High parents seek transparency after shooting
  • Jan 23:
  • Arapahoe High School officials mum on threat level posed by shooter
  • Jan 18:
  • Broncos receiver Eric Decker comforts Arapahoe High students

A second Arapahoe High School security guard is alleging that safety remains an issue nine months after a deadly shooting at the campus, adding that administrators punished and ignored employees who raised concerns.

Christina Erbacher-Kolk, who said she has been placed on leave, posted an open letter on Facebook claiming administrators did nothing when employees reported that Karl Pierson was looking up guns on his computer after threatening to kill his speech and debate coach.

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How to Remember What You Hear – A Simple, Research-Based Tip

Do you ever get frustrated because you listen to a story, presentation, or lecture, but later sometimes as little as a few hours later can recall little to nothing about it?

Call it self awareness or, perhaps more accurately, call it aging but for whatever reason I have become increasingly conscious of the fact that I forget a tremendous amount of what I hear, even when I am listening with the intent of learning. As a result, Ive been looking for solid, research-based tips on how to remember what you hear.

One approach that seems both highly promising and very easy to put into action is simply to rest for 10 minutes after listening to new information rather than immediately beginning a new activity.

A study published in Psychological Science in 2012 provides evidence that this approach works. As part of the study, researchers ran two experiments. In the first, a group of normally aging elderly adults were were read two brief stories with instruction to try to remember as much about the stories as possible for later recall. 

Following each story, some participants were asked to rest quietly with their eyes closed in the darkened testing room for 10 minutes. Othe

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