Air Force coaches told to help curb assaults

AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. The superintendent of the Air Force Academy said Wednesday she has told athletic coaches to take a bigger role in preventing sexual assaults, pulling them into the years-long campaign at the school to stem abuse.

Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, who took charge of the school a year ago, said coaches had not been fully involved in what she called the broader conversation about school standards.

She said she has spoken with them twice about her expectations and told them to talk to athletes about sexual assault.

“I was frank about the need for them to help the institution enforce our standards,” she said in an interview. “I was frank about what happens, the complexity of sexual assault prevention.”

Congress and the Pentagon are closely monitoring sexual assaults at the Air Force, Army and Navy academies. A Department of Defense report in January said a culture of disrespect permeates the schools and contributes to sexual harassment and assaults.

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The Future of #EdTech in Language Learning

In the coming six to twenty-four months, we can look for the expansion of ideas we’re already familiar with. Namely, blended learning plans, flipped classrooms, and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) classroom. Wait a bit longer, and the here-and-now begins to look a lot more like the future we’ve been waiting for.

Machine Learning This describes computers that are able to act and react based on what they “learn,” as opposed to what they’re programmed to do. We agree: the idea is both thrilling and creepy. And yes, machine learning is indeed a precursor to the artificial intelligence sci-fi has been promising us since the ‘60s. The most recognized form of machine learning today is the self-driving and self-parking car.

Less common, but more germane applications of machine learning are speech recognition and semantic applications, both potentially of critical importance for language teaching and learning.

Natural Interfaces or “NUIs” To go along with machines that learn from us as we use them, NUIs can sense or understand gestures and facial expressions. To see what this

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Kilbride Donates Riverfront Preserve to Tennessee Wesleyan College


Today:  Partly sunny and hot with an afternoon high in the low 90s.  A Heat Index near 100.  Scattered afternoon and evening showers and storms.  A West wind at 10-15 mph.

Tonight:  Some isolated t-showers during … More…

Kilbride Donates Riverfront Preserve to Tennessee Wesleyan College

He knows which trees the Bluebirds nest in and at what times a trail of deer can be seen making their way across the open meadow of the property. There isn’t a square inch of the nearly 92 acres of Dayton, Tenn., land owned by Bill Kilbride that he hasn’t explored, harvested, or rehabilitated. After a de

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Immortality Researchers to Collaborate at UCR

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Preliminary results of scientific research related to immortality – such as phenomena related to near-death experiences, immortality in virtual reality, and genes that prevent a species of freshwater hydra from aging – will be presented at a conference for researchers hosted by The Immortality Project at the University of California, Riverside on June 20-21.

The conference, “The Science of Immortality,” will bring together members of 10 international teams that received grants totaling $2.4 million last year from The Immortality Project to collaborate with other researchers about their work in progress.

Although the conference is open only to researchers, the proceedings will be webcast for public viewing at this link: .

The Immortality Project is funded with a $5 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

Here is the conference schedule:

Friday, June 20

9 a.m. — Welcome, Stephen Cullenberg, dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; John Fischer, distinguished professor of philosophy and principal investigator, The Immortality Project

9:15 a.m. —Shahar Arz

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Oxford / Saïd MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 6 / Alumnus / Skype

The interview wasnt as casual as some reports suggest. My interviewer had a investment banking background and I definitely got the impression he was trying to push my buttons. It is the sort of interview I would expect for a front office role so nothing strange there. And as pushy as he maybe I think the interview was fair.

– Why MBA? Why Saïd?
– Tell me about your role at XYZ company.
– Give me an example of a time you lead a group.
– Give me an example of a time you were involved in a dysfunctional group? How did you cope?
– What would your friends say your strengths/weaknesses are?

I did not visit Oxford before the interview and I definitely got the impression he did not approve. For my next application I will definitely go in person and visit first.

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