A relaxing experience for those with memory loss

MARQUETTE — They say there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to looking at art, and it’s believed that makes an activity, like visiting an art gallery, relaxing for people who are experiencing memory loss.

Tuesday, the first ever “Gather at the Gallery” was hosted at the Devos Art Gallery on the Northern Michigan campus.  It was hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association.  The outing is modeled after a program that started in New York.

Members of Marquette’s Adult Day Services visited the gallery Tuesday and shared their thoughts of a few of the exhibits.

“It’s really neat to see how they will remember and will talk a lot about what the artist has done, and that’s always very interesting, but almost every time you talk about something, it will bring up a memory from the past,” says Regional Program Coordinator Heather Addison.  “That’s the most fun part to watch.”

The Alzheimer’s Association is hoping to expand the program to those experiencing memory loss who are living at home.  For more information, click here.


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