Childcare scholarship program needs U.P. help

MARQUETTE — Time is running out for the Great Start Collaborative to match a grant, and they’re asking for your help.

They’re accepting general cash donations at any time until noon on Friday.  They must match the grant of $100,000 from the Early Childhood Investment Corporation or else the money will be given to a different community in Michigan.

The money will help fund childcare and preschool scholarships.

“We are needing this money very, very much.  The community needs it.  We know that one out of five children in our community are living in poverty, and that’s a lot.  So, we need to do our part to help them,” said Kathy Lammi, Great Start Collaborative Director.

To help raise money, they’ll hold a wine and chocolate tasting event with a silent auction at 6 p.m., July 28, at the UpFront & Company in Marquette.  Tickets are $25.

Childhood scholarship applications are due on Monday, August 1, and you can get them at the Great Start Collaborative website.


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