Trendspotting: Recruiting Chinese undergrads

Here’s why an increasing number of public universities are pumping up their international recruitment strategies: 

More than 40,000 students in the U.S. are coming from China. While historically, American schools have been popular as a graduate option, it’s the country’s undergraduates that now represent the fastest-growing group of international students.

Enrollment of Chinese students is proving to be a boon for public universities. In addition to their academic preparation and global perspective, most international students aren’t eligible for financial aid – so they can pay full tuition to cash-strapped schools.

A major increase in China’s middle- and upper-class population is a factor. The booming Chinese economy means students can afford to study abroad. Since that boom is tied to international trade, many families want to give their children advantages of English fluency and alumni.

To recruit more Chinese students, colleges like Santa Clara University recommend providing promotional materials (in Chinese, of course) promoting your school’s multidisciplinary study approaches, close faculty relationships  and commitment to innovation, all attractive elements of a campus for Chinese students.

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