NYC warns of possible school bus strike

New York City is warning the parents of school children they could be facing a system-wide school bus strike.

The dispute stems from a bid for a new contract for pre-k buses recently put out by the education department.

The current contract is set to expire at the end of June 2012

Schools chancellor Dennis Walcott sent a letter to families saying, “We are deeply concerned about the impact of a strike on our students and families and we want you to be prepared in the event one occurs.”

A strike could impact more than 150-thousand school children.

The Education Department is forming a contingency plan that includes:

  • Issuing Metrocards to students who take yellow buses from a designated bus stop near their homes to their schools.

  • Parents of special-needs children who must be picked up at home or whose children are in kindergarten, first and second grades can request a Metrocard as well to escort them to class.

  • Alternate provisions to reimburse parents who choose to drive or use other types of private transportation to take their special-needs children to school.

    The schools system will also give a two-hour reprieve to children who arrive late in school because of transportation problems.

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